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Become a part of the secret life of luxury escort girls.

Devenir escort girl
We found our success on a discreet and experienced escort service.
The desires and requirements of the clientele, as well as those of the escorts, are our priority? Trust is key in our VIP escort agency.
Are you looking for an agent who can represent you and be your ally? We invite you to read the information down below and find out if Secret Romance is right for you and your trust.

An escort agency that you can count on

Being a luxury escort girl always fascinated and intrigued you? Madame Agency will help you achieve your ambitions! As your representative establishing trust and getting to know you is imperative. We believe it’s the basis for a healthy, respectful, and successful cooperation. From the moment you choose us as your agent, we will be there for you 24/7. You can call us at any moment, even during a rendez-vous.  You’ll have a highly professional team on your side.

Do you wish to become one of our luxury escort girl?

Our agency has a very different approach than other escort agencies in Belgium. Discover our working methods, our ethics, our ideology.

No constraints: keep your freedom to choose.

By calling upon our agent services, you remain independent and you’re your own boss. So it’s up to you to communicate your availabilities and desires. We adapt to you and nothing is imposed.  We don’t expect you to perform specific services and will never ask you to cross the boundaries set by you.  The choice is yours, without pressure from us. In the end, it is a question of pleasure.  If the model has fun, so does the client!

Reliability and security also rely on our select clientele and lead to tranquility. 

Discretion, security, and anonymity are a fundamental part of our values.  These three principles are as important for the models as our clients.  Each rendez-vous booked by our escort agency is verified for our models’ safety.
The clientele is consciously preselected.  Our agency Secret Romance doesn’t just accept any request. The solicitations are thoroughly filtered.  We only collaborate with gentlemen.

Respecting your instructions is a question of loyalty.

Naturally, we don’t accept questionable requests regarding services that you don’t offer. We respect the guidelines you give us.

Availability in any circumstance: we are there for you.

Our goal is to have a harmonious relationship with our models.  You can join us at any moment, even during an ongoing appointment. You may contact us at any time for any question or comment. How are we different from other agencies? We’re not only there for the client, but also for you.

Do you already like our way of working and adhere to our values? Do not hesitate to apply if you meet the following requirements:

  • Be 21years or older.
  • Be able to speak French, Dutch or English, and preferably at least two of the three languages. Knowing other languages is very well perceived by the clientele.
  • Have a feminine, warm, smiling attitude and be open minded, spontaneous and adventurous.
  • Have a positive outlook on life and radiate positive energy.
  • Have a high level of general knowledge, love exchanging, discussing and listening.
  • Have the utmost discretion and professionalism
  • Be naturally sophisticated, be able to react in any social situation, and have good manners.
  • Love traveling and be interested in other cultures.
  • Take care of yourself, of your appearance and your mind, and be naturally beautiful.
  • Be charismatic, have an interesting personality, and have an elegant and authentic appearance.
  • Be trustworthy, engaged, and especially punctual.
  • Be loyal and honest.
Your details

Please add some recent and private images to your application (.jpg, .gif or .pdf). Please avoid professional photo shoots. Images should be no more than six months old to give us an authentic first impression of how you will look.
Each file should not exceed 10MB.

    Your pictures

    please add some recent and private images to your application (.jpg, .gif or .pdf). No pictures from professional shoots please. Images should be no more than six months old to give us an authentic first impression of how you look.
    Each file should not exceed 10MB.