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A premium escort agency at your service

Are you getting ready for your first escort experience? Are you not familiar with escort services in Belgium? Or maybe on the contrary, you frequent call-girls often but you’re still looking for an escort agency that best suits you.  We accept the challenge!  To do so, we work in full transparency with you and your call-girl.


Spend an unforgettable moment in good company with a VIP escort.

Before any reservation, we advise you to go through the frequently asked questions to understand the way our escort agency works.  If you have any other questions or if the answers down below aren’t clear enough, feel free to contact us.  We will be happy to answer any inquiries.

1- How do I choose my escort? How do I know if the one I chose is the right one?

We represent young, classy, distinguished women. Each individual has her own personality, so we will arrange a meeting with an escort that best suits you that will give you the rendez-vous of your dreams.

We advise you to browse the profiles in order to get acquainted with the different call-girls that we represent.  There, you’ll find all the necessary information to have an idea of how your future date will be like.  Nevertheless, if you want further information or wish to have us guide you through your choice, we’re here to help, just call us or send us an email via our information request form.

Our escort agency guarantee you the crème de la crème of the high-end escort level.

Our casting is particularly selective. With our models, it doesn’t just stop at esthetic criteria; we work with women whom have been carefully selected (attitude, behavior, general knowledge, humor decency, etc).
You’ll be dealing with young women who speak multiple languages, whom are well-rounded, capable of debating current events and open to assimilating your center of interests.

If you have even the slightest hesitation, we suggest to contact us : we will guide you and advise you to the best of our ability.

2 - Choosing outfits: can I have special requests vis-a-vis my escorts outfit?

You’re welcome to request that the escort of your choosing be dressed in any style you’d like.  An elegant tailored suit for a professional dinner, a chic dress for a gala, a more laid-back outfit for a simple date at the movies, or a glamorous look for a dance: anything is conceivable.

A more specific activity on the program?

If you plan to be accompanied by one of our call girls in more specific places such as on the golf course, on a sailboat, etc. you will need to notify us so that your escort can anticipate their outfit

I would like my escort to arrive in special clothes. 

If you have more daring requests, such as costumes, latex outfits or other fetishes, you can of course tell us about it. We will find out for you about the possibilities with your future escort.
For more specific requests, Please note that you’ll have to factor in the time it’ll take for your escort to organize everything.  That is why we ask that you plan your date ideally 24 hours in advance. But don’t hesitate to contact us even if you feel that the timing seems a bit short. We do our best to make sure we meet your expectations and any requests you may have.

3 - Where will our date take place ?

In the place of your choosing : a restaurant, a bar, a spa, in your home, or in a hotel, you may choose the place that best suits you.

If you are planning more specific places such as the golf course, a sailing trip, etc. you will need to notify us so that your escort can anticipate their outfit.

You can also be accompanied by your escort-girl to private or professional parties, birthdays and even abroad for a city trip, a business trip or a vacation. Your escort can take you around one of the many cities in Belgium if you are a tourist.

Count on our imagination!

Struggling to find ideas? Let us know and we’ll come up with the perfect for you!
N.B. : It’s important to know that the escort will never invite you over to her place.

4 - Can I meet an escort in Belgium ? What about other countries?

Our escorts can travel throughout Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.  They can meet you in any city. 
They can also travel to neighboring countries or meet you up in other countries and Europe and world-wide if you wish to have company during your vacation.

Practical informations

All travel costs are at your charge. Check point 12 of our FAQ for more information about paying in advance. Contact us for more information or to make a reservation.

5 - Choosing the activity

Whether you want to go skiing alongside an exclusive call-girl or take a stroll on the beach or even participate in a mini tennis tournament with friends, a round of golf
accompanied by one of our escorts: anything is possible.

The hostesses of our escort agency can join you wherever you desire.  Your private rendez-vous aren’t required to be in your home or in a hotel
Don’t know what to do? Call our escort agency and we’ll work together to find an activity that’ll will be just right for you and your escort

6 - What happens during the date with my call-girl ?

Your hostess will provide you with an exceptional escort service. She will make you live an exceptional moment. Thanks to its charm, you will live an exclusive experience of a perfect date!

Your escort will accompany you during your business dinner or keep you company in the evening during a romantic candlelit rendezvous. You will be able to spend an unforgettable and magical moment at home, in front of the open fire, a glass of champagne in hand, or in a spa at the hotel for moments of pure complicity.

7 - How long does it take my escort to arrive?

Commencez par découvrir les modèles de notre agence d’escort.

Of course, we must remain reasonable and give your escort enough time to reach you. We believe that for a same day booking, a minimum of 3 hours in advance is necessary for bookings in Belgium – this period starts as soon as we have confirmed the appointment with you.

We are attentive to these 4 criteria to estimate the time your escort needs to arrive in the best conditions – smiling and relaxed:
  • The time your escort needs to get dressed up
  • The travel time depending on the destination
  • The traffic and possible traffic jams that will depend on the time of the day
  • A margin of safety for small contingenciesOf course, you can ask us to check whether a shorter period is possible.

8 - Is a direct contact with my date possible ?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible.  We respect the privacy of our models just like we respect yours.  So it is not possible to contact the hostesses and they will never contact you either.  However, we can pass along any message that you may have for her.

9 - Fantasies and specific requests.

Among them, domination is increasingly popular and sought after. If you are curious or a fan, we can refer you to specialists. Do not hesitate to specify your desires when you make your reservation request.

Our escort agency organizes you the best escort service

Each escort has its own limits, if you wish to discover them, do not hesitate to ask us. We will be able to direct you to ladies who offer specific specialties. On their profile you can see some of their specialties: tantric massage, role play, disguises, uro and so on. For more further information, call us, we will reveal their cute little sins …

Don’t hesitate to ask all your questions. 

If you have small or big fantasies, you can ask us to check with your hostess to see what is possible. In order to give you an unforgettable experience, it is important that you let us know your ideas. This way, we will be able to put you in touch with a woman who loves the same things as you…

10 - Rates

The rates are displayed on the profiles of each escort. These prices are fixed and non-negotiable. They do not include travel expenses or possible extras for special requests.

The price of travel (cab or own vehicle) varies and will depend on the escort and the distance between her/his home and your meeting place.

If the trip is made by train or plane, the costs are entirely at your expense.

You want to meet an escort as a couple? An increase of 20% will be applied to the rate.

The final rate will be communicated to you once we have confirmed your reservation.

11 - Payement

You will be asked for the method of payment and the currency when you book your appointment.

The accepted methods of payment are the following:

  • Cash (€, £, $)
  • Transfer
  • Paypal (Mastercard, Visa, etc.)

We are conscious of the discretion you are looking for when using our escort services. We are particularly meticulous when it come to your discretion. Bank payments are very discreet — no explicit name will appear in the details.


Cash payments are usually made in EUROS, but if you are visiting Belgium, we accept payments in $ or £. The announced rate will be calculated according to the exchange rates of the ECB, 2% will be asked in addition and the final amount will be rounded to the nearest ten.


You also have the possibility to pay by bank transfer or paypal (5% of the announced amount will be asked for transaction fees).


We draw your attention to the delay for a bank transfer. Your reservation can only be confirmed once the transfer is visible on our account. A proof of payment will not be accepted.

Pay in cash: the most discreet way of payment

You can also always pay cash directly to your escort at the beginning of your appointment. In order to avoid any embarrassing situation, we would be grateful if you would hand over the amount announced at the confirmation of your reservation to your escort in person, without her having to ask you for it. She will check if the amount is right in front of you in full transparency. As this handling is often embarrassing, the quicker the better. This way, the fun can begin as soon as possible!
If you prefer to avoid this transaction with your chosen one, you can possibly settle this part before your appointment by handing over the amount to one of the representatives of our escort agency.

12 - Prepayement for longer dates and dates planned in advance

For long term reservations and reservations made far in advance, as well as for travel abroad, a deposit of 40% of the total amount will be required. This sum is a guarantee of your commitment and proof of your seriousness.

Be reassured!

We are particularly meticulous when it come to your discretion.

The payments that you will make via the bank account are discreet — no explicit name will appear in the details.

13 - Cancelations, refund before the reservation

Any deposit paid will be refunded in the following cases:

– If your escort cancels your appointment, you will be refunded in full (unless we find an alternative such as rescheduling your appointment at a later date or choosing another escort. You will be free to decide.).

– If you cancel up to 24 hours in advance, you will receive a full refund (unless we find an agreement, such as a postponement to a later date).

More info… 

If you cancel after the deadline, the deposit will be kept for 3 months to arrange another appointment with an escort of your choice. After this period, any deposit will be definitively lost.

For cancellations made less than 3 hours before your appointment, your deposit will be automatically lost.

However, if the total has been paid in full, 40% of the sum will be lost.

Remember to properly organize your weekend or overnight stay and to check your emails regularly.

We also invite you to read paragraph 14 for further information.


14 - What happens if the call-girl doesn't suit me? (cancellation, refund at the beginning of the appointment)

We are aware that “feeling” is a matter of taste and color. This is why, despite all the efforts and the positives, it can happen that you don’t get along as you’d imagined. In theory, this should not happen, since we take into account the aspects that matter to you most for your appointment (attitude, physical appearance, outfit). However, in rare cases, despite all the efforts: the feeling just isn’t there.


Should this unfortunately happen, we will ask you to contact us as soon as possible or ask the escort to call us in your presence (max. 15 min. after the arrival of your appointment). As soon as the escort confirms the reception of the payment, we will no longer be able to take your complaint into account.

The claim that their profile photos are not real is not taken into account as justification for your withdrawal as all the photos in each profile are taken by us; they are all real and recent.

After a constructive exchange with the escort agency .

In the event that after discussion, we legitimize your claim, you will be held to compensate the travelling expenses of the hostess up to an amount of 100 euros if the travel time was less than 1 hour and 150 euros if it was more than 1 hour, as well as the travel expenses (cab, driver, etc.). We count on the gentleman in you to compensate your guest without discussion.

Please also be aware that the escort is free to end the rendez-vous at any time if she is not comfortable in your company or for any other reason. In this case, she will have to notify us, and she will reimburse you in proportion to the time already elapsed.

Exceptions to this are:

  • failure to comply with the agreed conditions,
  • inappropriate behavior,
  • verbal abuse, aggression, endangering her physical integrity (we reserve the right to take legal action),
  • poor personal hygiene,
  • intent to schedule an appointment under a false identity or by using lies in order to invade the privacy of the hostess, whether or not it is intended to cause her harm.

In any of these cases, no refund will be owed to you.

Can not find what you are looking for? You have more questions?

Contact us